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                Venture Capital and Private Equity Financing
                Fund Formation
                Domestic and International Capital Market
                Mergers and Acquisitions
                Corporate Restructuring
                Foreign Direct Investment
                Outbound Investment
                Capital Reduction, Winding Up and Bankruptcy
                Intellectual Property
                Financial Services
                Government Regulation
                Infrastructure Project Financing and Real Estate Projects
                Employee Incentive Plans
                Legal Risk Management
                Litigation and Dispute Resolution

                Venture Capital and Private Equity Financing

                We represent Chinese and foreign venture capital funds, private equity funds, strategic investors and angel investors in their investments in China. We advise entrepreneurs from various industry sectors in China in their seed financing and follow-on financings. Our services primarily include structuring innovative legal structures, drafting legal documents, participating in negotiations, formulating incentive stock option plans and coordinating with government authorities on registrations and approvals.